SLL Innovation is a region wide innovation organization owned by Stockholm County Council. It is created to improve the development climate in the region and to homogenize how healthcare institutions generate ideas and cooperate with innovate businesses. SLL Innovation consists of 13 employees spread out in clusters within main Hospitals in the Stockholm County Council (Södersjukhuset, Karolinska Huddinge, Södertälje Hospital, Danderyds Hospital).

Danderyds Hospital
H1, P5
SLL Innovation
Danderyds sjukhus
S-182 88 Stockholm

Nordic Medtest is an open and independent testbed, where companies in cooperation with both public and private healthcare providers can develop, test, and securely introduce new and innovative IT services. We have extensive experience of national e-health services in terms of functionality, architecture and test environment.

Nordic Medtest
Bryggaregatan 11
S-653 40 Karlstad

Oslo Medtech is a health technology cluster, dedicated to accelerate and support the development of new medtech and eHealth products, services and innovative solutions for the Norwegian and global healthcare market. We have app. 190 members and the full health value chain is represented. Our mission is to develop and industrialize world class health technology products and services that enables sustainable and high quality treatment and care, and Norwegian medtech industry growth.

Oslo Medtech
Gaustadalleen 21
N-0349 Oslo

Sunnaas Rehabilitation hospital runs an open and independent testbed. Companies in cooperation with public healthcare providers can develop, test, and validate new and innovative services and products.

Our main areas include the following topics: Movement, Cognition, Games for Health, Patient Safety and E-health and technology.

Sunnaas Rehabilitation hospital has a well established reputation for more than 60 years within the field of advanced rehabilitation, serving more than 5000 patients a year, and being a major provider of research and innovations.
Sunnaas Rehabilitation hospital
1450 Nesoddtangen

Sveinung Tornås,  +47 99 159 137
Anne Karine Dihle,  +47 9119 5676

The Intervention Centre has developed a Testbed for medical devices that serves as a platform where new early stage and pre-market diagnostic and therapeutic equipment and devices can be evaluated. The Testbed has capabilities to perform testing in various phases of development of new devices or equipment. The services include performing both pre-clinical and clinical testing.

The purpose of the Testbed is three-fold:

  • To speed up the development of new treatments or procedures for various disease processes thereby improving patient outcomes.
  • To assist medical device developers in their effort to bring beneficial products to the market and thereby available for patients.
  • To stimulate development of Norwegian Med-Tech industry.

Section leader:
Project Manager:

One Point of Entry promote opportunities for collaboration between researchers, clinicians and industry on clinical trials, as well as on developing and testing new products and solutions.

We facilitate dialogue between clinicians and industry:

  • Contacting existing development and test facilities
  • Advice and guidance on how to conduct clinical trials and for testing new products at hospitals

References / conducted cases:
Siemens, Philips, Universal Robots, Alu Rehab, Roche, Medtronic, Coloplast, Cortrium

Jane Tidemand
Tel: +45 20599448

The Center for Innovation at Karolinska University Hospital (Innovationsplatsen)

Karolinska University Hospital is one of the largest university hospitals in Europe – 15,800 employees, 70 clinics and 1,6 million patient visits per year. Together with Karolinska Institutet, we are leaders in clinical development and medical breakthroughs.

Within the hospital – and beyond: As future care chains will encompass entire healthcare systems, innovators in life science need innovation environments that stretch far beyond the hospital walls. Through our network of national and international partners, we can provide such environments.

We drive innovation. Methodically: The Innovation Center leads and drives innovation activities – strategically and in day-to-day work, in all settings, at all levels. We have a methodical way of handling risks and uncertainties to achieve rapid and continuous translational innovation – from identification of needs and opportunities to clinical and commercial full-scale implementation.

Kristina Groth

Hospital District of Helsinki and Uusimaa (HUS) – is formed by 24 municipalities. It is the leading teaching and research hospital in Finland with 2,3 million annual visits, 22 000 employees and revenues of 2.0 billion euro.

We have active corporate co-operation, which includes pre-clinical and clinical trials, testbed services, usability-testing and development.

HUS, the Medical Faculty of Helsinki University and the Institute of Molecular Medicine Finland forms the Academic Medical Center Helsinki, which together with Aalto University and City of Helsinki (social and health care) have formed an alliance through Health Capital Helsinki (HCH).

Customer access for medtech, pharma and other companies to HUS or the HUS-alliance is managed by HCH. The testbed service portfolio covers primary, dental and specialized care, medical research and education, design, engineering and business know-how.
Start-up collaboration is actively performed with Vertical the Health Accelerator.

Contact: Nina Lindfors,