Two testbed projects join forces to promote the Nordics as a hub for testbeds

Nordic Test Beds (NoTeB) and Nordic Network of Test Beds (NNTB) are Nordic Innovation funded sister projects in the pursuit for higher visibility and access to services provided by health field testbeds in the Nordics.  Together the two projects aim to secure a coordinated and varied offer of testbed services all across the Nordic countries. The NNTB project is coordinated by Oslo Medtech, and implemented with a total of 9 partners including hospitals, capital region and testbed facilities.

The project partners of NoTeB and NNTB met in Stockholm in February to share insights from testing facilities and project work. Future collaboration was planned as well. “Together we will strengthen the strategic and operational level cooperation among the health care field test beds in the Nordics. We will also make it visible to markets outside Nordics and support the growth of the Nordic brand”, says Bent-Håkon Lauritzen, NNTB project leader.

“We will facilitate dialogue for future collaboration between a larger network of Nordic test beds. This offers a good opportunity for the incoming innovations and new ideas to be exposed rapidly for many of the Nordic service environments. Concrete actions include for example arrangement of joint seminars and workshops. We will also cooperate with Nordic funding agencies to promote the inclusion of testing activities in their support scheme. Cooperation with other stakeholder groups, like hospital networks, public health and industry authorities is also important”, Kalevi Virta, NoTeB Project Coordinator says.

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