Nordic Network of Testbeds

We will create a network of professional and efficient test beds
that can actively contribute to business development in
the Nordic healthcare sector.

News & Progress
One Point Of Entry Eases Way To Danish Testbeds

One point of Entry eases way to Danish testbeds

One Point of Entry strengthens the infrastructure between companies and the public sector at a national level. Companies now have one common entry when applying for medical testbed facilities. The Capital Region of Denmark has, together with Denmark's other four regions, a vision to create the best possible test bed environment for companies that research in and develop medical and…

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The objective of the project is to

  • Harmonize clinical and administrative standards
  • Develop and implement an infrastructure
  • Match companies to the test bed
  • Develop and implement client-oriented
  • Increase the level of needs and employee-driven innovation
  • Establish an infrastructure that accommodates future expansion
  • Integrate test beds services